Raymond Services

Welcome to our Winfinicord server! Here are some rules:

-=Server Rules=-

1. Cussing only in the Danger Zone (Unmoderated channels).
2. Discord TOS apply.
3. No threats, no excuses. Threat = ban.
4. DO NOT beg for money, friend reqs, free Nitro, admin, or anything on those lines. This will get you 9/10 infractions.
5. What mods say is what they say. Don't argue with them.
6. Don't abuse this!
7. Report users breaking these rules.
8. No discrimination, PERIOD.
9. If you say ANY racial slur, you're permabanned.
10. Keep everything legal, even in the danger zone.
11. Talking about duping/hacking in items is prohibited.
12. Keep everything legal under international law.
13. Harassment will result in a permaban.

-=Infraction System=-

You have 10 chances before you get banned. Here are the punishments:
Spam/ignoring mods - 1 chance taken off
Ignoring mods further - 2 chances taken off
Participating in DM advertising - 3 chances taken off + 10m mute
Extremely minor harassment - 4 chances taken off + 30m mute
Cursing in other channels - 5 chances taken off + 1h mute
First-time talking about duping/hacking - 6 chances taken off + kick
Second-time talking about duping and hacking - 7 chances taken off + 1d ban
Third time talking about hacking/duping - 8 chances taken off + 7d ban
Begging, fourth time talking about hacking/duping - 9 chances taken off + 1mo ban
Harassment, threats, violating TOS or international law, racial slurs: Instant and permaban