NeoCN FAQ for Disk Operating Systems

(c) 1991 NeoCN Publishing LLC

How were you founded?

I (Winfinity) founded NeoCN originally as SimpliciSearch to have an attempt at what HeckSN was doing.
What do you use?

Google's CSE for search, and in case it wasn't obvious, Neocities for hosting (Hence the name Neocities Network)
What does the developer do in their spare time?

Music, planning videos, f*cking around in my Discord server, have fun with MySQL and bash
Can you make (random thing) for me?

No, but there are a lot of great courses. If you have your site pre-coded then we'll see if we can publish it :)
How are you and HeckSN partnered?

Originally we were independent but then RandomDoggo (fellow developer) merged NeoCN with HeckSN and we agreed to it. If you want to partner with NeoCN send an email down to us!

Haven't really made any in a few years, and me and one of my O L D friends (another musician) just found eachother so we'll see how that goes.
Can you criticise (video)?

No, not unless you stumble upon my YT in the wild

NeoCN FAQ for Disk Operating systems

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